by Tera

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released March 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Tera Houston, Texas

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Track Name: Despondency
These shadows grow faster than I can tell
Dismissed fears contort as misfigured dreams

If I can never know how can I change them
Close my eyes, countdown, and pretend it’s all fine

How can they not understand
They won't stop till they reprimand
I'm just alone in their eyes
But it's different in my mind

Only myself is left to betray
Though shadows have followed from my grave
Warm and kind touch turns to cold restraints
Broken walls won't protect when they see right through you

Confess, why do you stare through me?
Maybe it’s the padded walls they see?
Someone please say this isn't right.

These shadows that are all of my dread
Don’t tell me that they're all in my head
Outside and blurred our scholar eyes pry
As a shattered man screams a lie

How can they never see
All the spectres that are haunting me
I'm just alone in their eyes
But it's different in my mind

You can't pass judgment on how my life is spent
With no hope of regress, ignorance
Controls all of the mistreatments

I feel the white fog start to grip my throat
Strapped down, the needle it starts to reload
Again the phantoms pull me back into their hold

Dark shadows in the night
Ask for me, there is no flight
My fight has all left I fear
Me the envoy a blinded seer

I will fight, cry, beg, and plead
Hoping they'll see what I see
This unfit stage of tattered souls
Takes root, and I start to lose hold

Soft voices tell me to hush
And slowly I can feel the rush
A dark sleep comes from within
As needles work into the skin
Track Name: Whispers of Contempt
Forever searched for a purpose
With time so pointless
Well give me something to believe
So I have some control
Cut in at all the right times
Just to watch me pour out slow
Watch this blood dry to your scribe
And you’ll see how much I’m worth

Crawl from start again my friend
Show me where I might lean in
I can piece together any ends
If you’ll suffer for his sins

A whisper in my ear
He knew I’d come here
Now just take me away
Denial cloaked in your name
Let lie where she falls
A face you can’t recall
Wash me up on your shore
Still rotting to the core

Promise if I take you in
Let him start new again

A shadow of my failing lies
Keep true if it’s what you see
But “never was” and “has beens”
Are mislabeled commodities
Eyes with devious movements
Disarm your arrogance
But let me save it for the end
When photos are the foe

With nothing left to salvage
Let me be the one that can save
Say those words I want to hear
You will go together to your grave

Hearts lead a guiltless crime
Die together this time
Eyes of your haunting face
See your trust is misplaced

You can only be betrayed
By those in truth you mislayed
Take in this cleansing of sins
Now you're truly condemned

Your innocence rebuilt
Truths buried with my guilt
Take in one final breath
I will smile for you in death

A whisper in my ear
He knew I’d come here
But if you'll take me away
I'll cloak denial in your name

He whispered in my ear
There's no way from here
No chance to take me away
Denial cloaked in your name
Let lies where he falls
A face you can’t recall
No semblance of a shore
Still rotting to the core

Now that I took you in
We can start new again
Track Name: Shots Go Off
Looking in the eyes of fate
You will see why you are too late
This wall divides a promise made
But no matter what
It’s you I can't save

If you take one last look and see
Just remember the blame it falls on me
The truths we still can't let go
Now turn to painful memories

Far away the fires draw closer
Though light shines in and takes my fear

A shot goes off inside of me
And it echoes from what
You used to be

Tear down what’s built inside
And still hoping that you'll find
I'm still sewn to you

All those years that I was true
But still my heart, it dies right next to you
Hoping you crack with pressure
When the mirror points at me

As we draw closer to final words
I feel convictions start to blur
When all the truths we fought through
Now turn to our hysteria

Though I feel a warmth shine in
I see the shadows claw for you

Nothing left for you to define
Just you and your empty lines
Broken hearts
And poisoned minds, yeah
Track Name: Sales of a Deathman
I held on to you as long as I could
Though this deal played out how he knew it would
So blinded by my love I was running
Familiar hands choke hope that's coming

Look into the grave built inside his head
The facade so real the sickness takes form again

Lay down your own mind
One love that won’t die
Last prayer, the last lie
This curse, always mine

Ice cold rejection clouds the
Deceit with its pure perfections
You won’t soon forget her
As she cries out from her corner

Waters rise and take you and me
A crooked scale tipped so we cant see
Released by time thats meant to bend
A pointing finger spells you again

Change the puzzle so the pieces will fall
into the ending you built for us all
A gift and power to usurp it
A paradise and its false serpent

Look into the grave built inside his head
Now the waters add one more to its dead

Ice cold rejection clouds the
Deceit with its pure perfections
You won't soon forget her
As she dies inside your corner

Dragged down I let out my last breath
An embrace with the smile of death
No heaven written on your face
No fires written on my tomb
Track Name: Li(f)e
Call upon some sort of name to save
No faith with the deity of lies
Take me back to the day where
Truth was more than a shadow and a veil

Endless wisdom with guilty intention
Trapped them all in an endless regression
Pages rule this livestock complacency
Inscribing hope with false prosperity

Discard all reason
And stir the silence of the lifeless

In an endless race for last
She gambles on a misled past
And every chance for salvation
Was always damnation

Live for yourself and burn in time
Redemptions in the words only meant to bind

Silent sermons and an ironic paradise
Falling ideals to justify will and vice
Deals with the devil bring no solace in death
Eyes fixed on the innocent with every breath

No master is guilty of there marionettes
As the saints inscribe how your life is set
Envisioning the dreams of every child
Even in heaven there is no friendly smile

Live on the edge of confession
and the narrow road for redemption
It’s easy to bow at shrines of lies
When it’s all you have left of life

Heaven never spoke through a mouthpiece
Now feel the pain of a false laid tragedy
A force that was an alter to ourselves
Left the famished chained to their own

The two voices in your head
Were always the suppressed verdict
Bound by the comfort of hopelessness
The faceless remain forever the faithlessAlone

It’s hard to stumble when you’re on your knees
Though no trial prepares for this fixed end